The issue of casino legality

The debate concerning the legality of online casinos has been around for a long time.

It is good to note that there is still a lot of raging debate when it comes to whether online gambling is legal or not. In the United States, online gambling has been prohibited and therefore players are not allowed to indulge themselves in online gambling. However, as much as this rule has been enforced in the US, players are allowed to enjoy online gambling activities on other international casino sites which accept US players. Most of these casinos have been licensed in various jurisdictions to be able to run their operations. It is good to note that US players are allowed to join various international online casino sites of their choice.
Since the US law has banned all financial providers from facilitating any payments to online gambling sites, US players have been forced to research and find other alternatives when it comes to making payments. Online casino sites never have any problem accepting new players regardless of where they come from. For online casinos, more members means better business therefore the issue of whether gambling has been banned in a player’s country is not relevant for an online casino site. Since online casino sites are usually after money, they are always willing to accept any player.
Just like the United States, Australia has also illegalized online gambling. This means that online casinos are not allowed to operate within the Australian territory. However, just like US players, Australian online gamblers can join international online casino sites which accept players from all over the world. Australia passed the act illegalizing online gambling in 2001, casinos which had been registered before the act was made law are still allowed to carry on with their operations. However, it is good to note that the law not prohibits registration of any new online casino sites.
As much as some countries have gone ahead to ban online gambling within their territories, it is impossible to implement law on individuals. This is because these countries cannot be able to track the huge number of their citizens who join various international online casino sites to play for money. Many countries around the globe allow online gambling so long as it online casinos abide by all the legal provisions. The type of software used also determines the legality of online casinos. For instance, Micorgraming does not allow US players but Playtech does. For players who are coming from countries where online gambling is illegal, they need to find alternatives when it comes to payment methods.

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