American and European roulette games: How are they different?

Many players find online roulette to be a very interesting game.

Many players who play online roulette always have some experience and knowledge having already played it at a land casino.
For those who do not know about the game, it is good to familiarize yourself about the 2 most popular versions of the game which are American and European Roulette. The 2 versions of the game are always available at highly rated online casinos. It is good for players to know the difference between the 2 as they make their choices when it comes to online cash games.

The European Roulette is very common amongst players because it avails better odds to players. With this game, 37 slots are available on the wheel representing numbers 1 to 36 as well as a spot for 0. These numbers are arranged on the wheel in a random manner making it desirable for the player over the house. It is for this reason that the game is usually the most preferred by online players.

Americans disagreed with the wheel layout when they began playing this game. Instead, they decided to add an extra slot to the wheel labeled as 00. When these extra spots were added, the dynamics of the game changed completely in favor of the house. However, it is important to note that this doesn’t mean that winning is impossible with American Roulette. Many players take the American Roulette as their second option to the European one. Apart from adding an additional slot on the wheel, numbers are arranged in a pattern as opposed to European Roulette where they are arranged randomly.

Players should always take into consideration the odds in order to know which Roulette to play. A casino edge on a single bet which is placed in American roulette will offer 2/38, or a 5.26% percentage. When the same bet is placed on European roulette, it will offer 1/37 odd or 2.70 percent. This is a huge distinction between the 2 odds making players prefer European Roulette since it offers great odds at winning. Most players who access this game on the internet always prefer European roulette over any other game since there are more chances to generate returns on wagers which are placed on the table. Roulette games are quite popular, new players should be able to select the appropriate game while they are online.

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